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I was the only one standing

I had a dream, I was the only one standing, others faded , some went away , some were there, but so far away. Nobody left but you, to complete your dream. So I guess now , I gotta be there for me. (क्योंकि कोई और हो न हो , हमें खुद के लिए होनाContinue reading “I was the only one standing”

My mother it’s all you that’s me..

The soft touch of a feather,                       and the cool breeze of the weather, the sun’s glowing rays, and the gay sunny days, a rush of the wind_       Oh! The memory it brings –                  of My Mother! Her face so kind and holy,                     like the moon in it’s full glory,            nights filled with bedtime stories         andContinue reading “My mother it’s all you that’s me..”

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